Welcome to the site of Jägarbo Alpaca! We are a small breeder of black alpackas that is located about 160 km south of Stockholm in Sweden. We specialize in blue black alpacas and our goal is to produce blue black alpacas that consistently produce both high quality and quantity wool with that special deep black and shiny color.

We have purchased some females from two of the top breeders of black alpacas – Inca Alpacka in the UK and Tienda Molino in the NL. It will give us a solid platform to stand on as we start our quest. We are still looking for some more blue black females and a stud male that will complement the Inca genetics.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact us if you have any animals you think we would be interested in or if you want to share or discuss anything about alpacas in general or black alpacas specifically.

Best Regards!

Charlotta and Joacim